Glonvec, Science-Based National Defense Projects Corporation


Glonvec -- Gluon Vector -- is a corporation of research physicists formed in 1989 when the United States Department of Energy defunded a series of esoteric defense projects which were initiated by the United States Defense Department as part of the initial series of projects collected under the umbrella DARPANet, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Glonvec operates with oversight by the Department of Defense however the corporation itself is a private venture funded solely though private owners. The corporation does not manufacture weapons or work in weapons development in any capacity however the scientists who participate in Glonvec projects instead develops defensive systems which mitigate or reduce contemporary conventional field weapons, as well as develops defensive hardware and software which mitigates or reduce the effects of unusual or esoteric weapons, exotic weapons generally developed by foreign nation States inimical to the security and economic health of the United States.

Our corporation has acquired over 4,000 patents mostly within the arena of marketable applications resulting from particle physics research. All such patents are classified under the Invention Secrecy Act established in 1952, the result of numerous scientific inventions developed by Glonvec prior to World War II.

Glonvec primary offices are located in Denver, Colorado in refurbished military defense facilities which were previously vacated on the completion of the Cheyenne Mountain facilities which currently predominantly house NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

We currently have approximately 700 scientists working on a wide variety of defense projects with approximately 1,200 engineers, technicians, electricians, physics doctoral candidates, and contractors passing either on staff or through during any given year.

Employment opportunities are frequent however Glonvec administrators seek potential candidates for employment directly through University and Colleges by culling the academic records of the nation's top schools, selecting the best of the best to work on our nation's more secretive and beneficial national defense projects and programs.

If you need to speak wth Glonvec or would like to enquire about possible employment, email Glonvec.Org and we may get back to you.